As we move into a new era of digital design, it’s time to leave the past behind and embrace the future. And what better way to do that than to update your font collection with some of the 20 best serif fonts for 2023?

Serif fonts have been around for centuries and have been used in some of the most iconic pieces of design work. But in recent years, they’ve fallen out of favor with many designers. That’s all about to change.

In this blog post, we’ve rounded up 20 of the best serif fonts for 2023. These fonts are perfect for everything from branding and web design to printed materials and logo design. So whatever your project, one of these fonts is sure to be perfect for the job.




Design By TanType

5. Grischel Condensed 

Design By Martype Co

6. Florentino – Calligraphic Serif

Design By Harmonais Visual

7. Olive and Figs – Regal Classic Serif

Design By Harmonais Visual

8. Rolfter – Classic Serif

Design By AlienValley

9. Galonia Type

Design By AlienValley

10. Chocolatier – Display Typeface

Design By Milan Pleva

11. Magalie Typeface

Design By Mark van Leeuwen

12. Alpha Kosty – Serif Display

Design By Lettersams

13. Elika Gorica

Design By Damelev

14. Astralaga – Elegant Font Family

Design By SG Type

15. CEZANNE – Modern Ligature Serif Font

Design By SilverStag

16. The New Elegance-Serif & Sans

Design By Mulkan Nazir

17. Brightglow Swashy Serif

Design By SG Type

18. Monrovia – Modern Serif Font

Design By Get Studio

19. Theonory Typeface

Design By alit design

20. Helma Serif Fonts

Design By Yukita Creative

Serif fonts are making a comeback. And we’ve got the 20 best serif fonts for 2023 to help you stay ahead of the curve. From classic to modern, these fonts will help you create stylish, sophisticated designs that will stand the test of time.

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